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Two Green Terramesh Walls help complete an Access Road in Polican, Berat

Green Terramesh

Our environmentally friendly soil reinforcement solution contributes to creation of an access road to a TAP jobsite

Green Terramesh was used for the construction of two retaining walls in Polican, Berat. The walls were needed to support an access road within the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project.

As part of Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project in Albania, a new water supply line was constructed in the Polican area, Berat.

The subcontractor company Albstar needed to open an access road to the jobsite but the crossroad between the main road and the access road had such an acute angle that the trucks were not able to turn.

Hence, Albstar decided to widen the angle of the junction and support it using two reinforced soil retaining walls and contacted Maccaferri Balkans to provide a solution.

Considering the poor soil properties and the presence of vegetation around the site, Maccaferri Balkans suggested a Green Terramesh soil reinforcement solution supplemented with geogrids. Green Terramesh is an environmentally friendly modular system used to form vegetated (green) faced reinforced soil slopes (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. By encouraging the establishment of vegetation, Green Terramesh blends back into the natural surroundings.

To ensure stability, gabions were used as a foundation of the wall, and then Green Terramesh was placed above with Paralink 300 and Macgrid WG15 geogrids providing the primary soil reinforcement.

The first wall has been successfully completed. The second wall is expected to be finished this month.

Around 650 m² of Green Terramesh, 600 m³ of Gabions, 2,700 m² of Paralink 300 and 2,500 m² of Macgrid WG15 will have been deployed once the project is completed.

This environmentally friendly solution respected all the requirements for which it was intended.

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