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Soil nailing and surface protection with Steelgrid MO300

Soil nailing and surface protection with Steelgrid MO300

The slope reinforcement at Devoll Hydropower Project.

Another technically prominent solution at the Devoll Hydropower Project. Maccaferri soil nailing with Steelgrid MO 300 (the wire mesh produced in the Maccaferri Balkans factory) was chosen by Albstar’s engineers, which know very well Maccaferri’s products and solutions, in order to reinforce the slope. Soil nailing is a technique that can be used either on natural or excavated slopes, where the slope is reinforced by the insertion of tendons. These nails address the global slope stability and are connected to a facing system which provides superficial stability. The facing system can be rigid, flexible or even a structural system such as MacMat R, suitable for revegetation. The facing system restrains the superficial portion of the slope which can move between the anchorages, potentially destabilizing the overall slope. Where high performance and revegetation are required, the innovative MacMat HS combines the reinforcing benefits of Steelgrid HR (MO) and a 3-dimensional Geomat in one product; installation time is reduced and procedure simplified.

Maccaferri’s numerous rockfall mitigation and erosion protection systems provide solutions (either stand-alone or in combination) for the local surface stability, including reinforcing flexible facings as DT mesh, HEA Panels, SteelGrid HR, SteelGrid MO, MacMat R, MacMat HS.

To prevent ongoing erosion of the slope face between the soil nails it is important to operate revegetation on the slope with appropriate indigenous plant species. Once established, vegetation will continue to provide surface erosion protection. Due consideration must be given to the capability of the slope to sustain vegetation in terms of nutrients, moisture content and aspect (facing direction). The growth of vegetation will also be able to increase the superficial stability of the slope.

Maccaferri has also developed a range of products (bolts, facing accessories) to fulfil the specific requirements of flexible structural facings (mesh and deep nails) and soft facings (mesh + short nails). Geotechnical investigation and design determine the suitability of soil nailing to reinforce an unstable slope. Maccaferri offers numerous other solutions, including retaining and soil reinforcement structures, in the case that soil nailing is not suitable.

The functions of the facing system are:

  • protect the exposed surface from erosion
  • provide stability while vegetation becomes established
  • connects the unstable superficial layers with the stabilized deep slope

The functions of the soil nailing system are:

  • enhance the deep-seated stability of the slope
  • provide long-term reinforcement of the slope.
  • be connected to the suitable fascia system

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