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Slope Stabilization Solution: Road Construction in Sunny Town, Skopje

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In Sunny Town, Skopje, the construction of its access road (regional road R2138 with R2134) required slope stabilization, drainage and retaining walls.

Our distributor in Macedonia, Ergo Kom worked closely with the contractor GD Granit AD providing the best technical and environmental solution using Maccaferri products. Maccaferri Balkans delivered all the materials needed for the solution for this 21 m high wall—the highest of its kind in the country.

The designers opted for the Terramesh modular system. This solution is used for soil reinforcement, during the construction of high and steep slopes or embankments with similar characteristics. Modular systems with length of 7 m and 11m where used.

The Terramesh System developed by Maccaferri is made up of pre-assembled units which reduce installation time, form the front face and reinforce it without any discontinuity (without joints). This is done in order to create a complete system with a wide differentiation of both the front face wire mesh reinforcement, and geogrids. Soil reinforcement works are structures used for the containment or stabilization of slopes and embankments, through traction – resistant reinforcement elements that change the mass inner features where they are inserted.

The product MacDrain W 1081 is part of the solution as combats problems with drainage and erosive land. This product is a geocomposite designed for planar drainage (GCD), caused by thermobonding. It is made up of a drainage core in extruded monofilaments (GMA), with two filtering nonwoven geotextiles that also function as separation or protecting layers. The draining three dimensional core will be configured in as longitudinal parallel channels.

Galmac gabions are used for constructions designed to retain walls. Heavily zinc coated double twisted mesh is used for rockfall protection purposes.

Upon the completion of the product, the client, an agency for state roads, attested to being very satisfied with the safe, fast and effective cost solution provided by our products. These include the Terramesh system, GL Gabions, MacDrain W 1081, HZC Rockfall netting.

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