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Maccaferri secured Oil and Gas Drilling Area in Molisht

Retaining Walls

Maccaferri installed its retaining wall solutions on the Drilling site in Molisht, in order to secure a crucial energy plant in Albania

Molisht is an area in Berat, Albania, which is rich with underground assets and numerous important oil and gas wells.
Albania’s Molisht-1 well has the potential to be a 8,000-10,000 barrels of oil production per day well, and absolutely valuable to the company. The development company’s plan was to drill Molisht-1 to 5,500 m over a 9-month period.

The construction of the area for the heavy machinery, of the road and the well site had a limited time for construction. Considering the large surcharge loads of machinery, the seismic area where Molisht lies, the effect of the drilling machines and the limited time of construction, the solution with soil reinforcement, suggested by Maccaferri Balkans to the construction company AlbStar was appropriate. The soil slopes would be reinforced with GreenTerramesh in conjunction with the geogrid Paralink 300, enabling them to stand steeper, support greater loads and deflect less than unreinforced soil slopes.

The soil reinforcement slope was about 13m high and has a length of 174 on two fascias. The total materials used were 1,500 m2 of sloped fascia of GreenTerramesh & 6,000 m2 Paralink 300. The construction of the well site was finished at the end of the 2013 within two months. As Maccaferri Green Terramesh is designed to re-vegetate, the reinforced soil structure is now well disguised within the mountains of Molisht.

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