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Rockfall protection system in Moglica, Albania


A prominent case of rock fall protection conceived with MacroSystem  and implemented with Steelgrid HR and Steelgrid MO.

A series of minor failures, including sliding failures and detachments of individual rock blocks on the access road, posed a very high risk especially to the technical staff during works on the big project of Devoll Hydropower in Moglica, Albania.

Maccaferri Balkans puts in place its know-how with top level products and solutions  to secure the construction site. Most suitable decision for this problem was to use a secured drapery mesh, in the domain of a wire mesh retaining wall system.

The project was realized thanks to a  successful collaboration of Maccaferri Balkans with the designer company Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. and the contractor company Trema Engineering shpk.

Maccaferri Balkans worked closely with the contractor in order to establish the most suitable product for the stabilization. Steelgrid HR 50, Steelgrid HR 100, Steelgrid MO 300 were chosen to be the most appropriate material as Steelgrid is a mesh of high strength and high stiffness (low displacement) suitable for a broad range of applications from high strength rockfall protection draperies to low-deflection pinned drapery installations and soil slope stabilization. In this case the application was a secured drapery. The mesh was installed with anchors, with length 3m, 6m and 9m.

Steelgrid HR and Steelgrid MO benefits include:

  • no requirement for overlapping of mesh rolls
  • no need of “pretension” mesh

These advantages make Steelgrid HR and Steelgrid MO quick to install and a simple and cost-effective option for this kind of requirement.
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