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Rockfall Barrier Devoll

Rockfall Barrier Devoll - Maccaferri Balkans

Devoll Hydropower Project protected against rockfall by Maccaferri’s barriers.

During construction works on the big project Devoll Hydropower Project (DHP), which is proceeding in Albania, one sector of the access road was threatened by rock falls. The situation was so delicate that it has been necessary to provide an intervention with rockfall barriers. The contractor company Euroteorema which is continuously working closely with Maccaferri Balkans with many environment engineering solutions, contacted Maccaferri Balkans to supply the work site with RockFall Barrier RB 750 KJ.

Maccaferri’s dynamic rockfall barriers are tested and certified in accordance with the European Test and Approval Guideline 27 (ETAG 27) of the European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA). Maccaferri has been awarded European Technical Approval (ETA) for its range of barriers from 500kJ to 8,500kJ energy absorption capacities. Subsequent detailed verification of manufacturing, supply and assembly systems has permitted the award of the CE mark (quality standard) for the barrier systems. Following a major impact event, the barrier is deformed plastically. The residual height of the barrier post-impact is an important characteristic; the barrier may be exposed to a second rockfall impact in rapid succession before it is repaired. All Maccaferri dynamic rockfall barriers exhibit residual heights within the highest category, Class A in accordance with ETAG 027.

This is the first phase of the construction with 40 meters barrier already installed in Devoll, Albania.

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