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Longitudinal river works: Maccaferri Reno Mattresses installed on the Rrapun dam near the city of Librazhd, Albania


The upstream slope of Rrapun’s dam needed erosion protection from waves. The best solution chosen was Reno Mattress

Maccaferri Reno Mattresses were chosen and successfully installed to protect the upstream slope of Rrapun’s dam from waves and erosion. As part of the design, 1200 m2 of Reno Mattresses were placed at the upstream slope of the Rrapun’s dam.

Built along the river Rrapun-Qarrishte near the town of Librazhd, Albania, the Rrapun dam is part of a hydro power plant that is one of nine similar energy infrastructures that are located along the river.

The powerhouse of the Rrapun plant features 3 turbines, with an installed output of 6520 KW, using a discharge from the river of about 9000 l/s. The dam consists of an earth-filled embankment dam, with an upstream slope that had to be covered with rock.
As part of the project, the contractor company Aktor Sh.a produced two suggestions for the protection layer of the upstream slope using:

1 RipRap
2 Reno Mattresses

Aktor Sh.a approached Maccaferri to evaluate the project and find a solution using these two ideas. Using the RipRap method, the thickness of the protective layer had to be 90-120 cm.

Following Maccaferri engineers’ calculations, using the Reno Mattress, the thickness of the layer had only to be 30 cm in order to protect the slope and the top of the dam from the waves.

The Reno Mattresses used for this project were designed to withstand surface shocks and water acidity, and were made of Galmac and Polymer coated hexagonal double twisted wire mesh (6×8 cm Type), with a wire diameter of 2.2 mm, and an external diameter of 3.2 mm including the additional protective polymeric coating.

Construction of the dam was completed last year. The total area of the Reno Mattresses used was 1,200 m2. The service and solution provided by Maccaferri Balkans helped reduce project costs while also providing the required performance of the upstream slope protection. By reducing the quantity of quarried stones used in the project, we were also able to help the client reduce his carbon footprint.

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