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A project from Maccaferri France has achieved great relevance for the Albanian market


Maccaferri protects the Highway in Beausoleil with barriers RMC.

Maccaferri Balkans is glad to publish this experience by giving resonance in Albania and in the countries covered by Maccaferri Balkans, including Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. The case history is brought by our french colleagues that experienced an impressive project with barriers RMC in South France.

Since a long time, the city of Beausoleil was facing significant rockfalls along the A8 Highway, causing accidents, sometimes fatal. Given the very heavy traffic on this highway, which connects Italy to France, protective work began towards the Tunnel of Arme, located between the exit of Monaco and the toll station of La Turbie.
The solution proposed by Maccaferri and chosen by the contractor and the designer focused on a rockfall protection system with a Energy capacity of 5000 kJ and a height of 6 m, along about 1.3 km of installed barriers.

The protection kit RMC 500, an A-Class product by Maccaferri, was chosen for its highest performance in the market in terms of height and residual deformation after impact, but also for their ease of implementation and maintenance. It has also been tested and CE marked according to ETAG 027. The first phase of construction started in September 2014 and lasted 4 months, with 800 lm of barriers already installed.

In parallel with this project two other category-A protection systems (MC 200 / A (100 lm) and EPFM 5000 (480 lm)) were set up in the sectors of SCOBA in La Turbie and DPAC in La Trinité.
We have started this year to use these Maccaferri RMC barriers in Albania, in locations like Lerini stream, Salca – Bajram Curr, Devoll Hydropower station. This kind of requirement concerns many locations in Albania.

Maccaferri has a deep and complete know-how in these subjects, from design to installation.

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