Steelgrid® is a high strength, high stiffness steel geocomposite combining the versatility and practical benefits of double twist mesh with the exceptional stiffness and mechanical durability of high tensile steel cables. The steel cables are integrally woven into the double twist mesh during manufacturing, forming a single, easy to deploy product.

Steelgrid® is commonly used as drapery and as high strength bolted facings.

The system benefits from a comprehensive corrosion protection comprising highly corrosion resistant GalMac®, (Zinc, Aluminium alloy) galvanising.

There are two Steelgrid® variants:
– Steelgrid® MO (mono-oriented) geocomposite includes steel cables integrated longitudinally into the double twist mesh as the edging wire and also at the centre of the roll.
– Steelgrid® BO (bi-oriented) geocomposites includes steel cables integrated both longitudinally and transversely across the mesh.

Steelgrid® delivers time and cost savings during installation because of the integration of the steel cables within the mesh.

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