Road Mesh®

Road Mesh® is planar grid material used for the structural reinforcement of asphalt pavements. Placed within the upper bound layers of the pavement Road Mesh® reinforce the asphalt layers, extending fatigue life, minimising disruption through pot-holes and resurfacing works. Road Mesh® provides lateral restraint to the asphalt, which improves resistance to rutting and shoving. The Road Mesh® absorbs and ultimately reduces the peak tensile stresses caused by the presence of reflected cracks and/or traffic.

Road Mesh® is engineered from our double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, with integral transverse reinforcement bars woven into the mesh. Road Mesh® is unrolled into position and secured appropriately before the upper asphalt layers are placed.

Road Mesh® is made from high quality steel wire, which is heavily GalMac® galvanised to provide long term corrosion protection.

Road Mesh® has a three dimensional structure, enabling the bound layer material to envelope each continuous wire strand, ensuring interlock occurs and therefore optimum and immediate load transfer from the aggregate to the reinforcement.

Whereas MacGrid® AR glass fibre and polyester geogrids inhibit reflective cracking, Road Mesh® additionally structurally reinforces the pavement. As it structurally reinforces pavements, Road Mesh can also be used in new-build roads, and not just overlays.

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