Dynamic Barriers

Our Rockfall Barriers (or Catch Fences) are designed to arrest / catch falling rocks and boulders before they fall onto infrastructure, mine haul-roads or other developments.

The Rockfall Barriers are supplied in a ‘kit form’. All components (except ground anchors) are provided in the kit, including panel mesh, anchor posts, footing plates, brakes, cables, and clips.
The dynamic rockfall barriers are available with energy absorption capacity from 100kJ.
Our barriers have been developed in conjunction with specialist contractors and therefore include features to make the installation faster and safer, reducing time on site.

Our dynamic rockfall barriers are tested and certified in accordance with the European Test and Approval Guideline 27 (ETAG 27) of the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA).

Maccaferri has been awarded European Technical Approval (ETA) for its range of barriers from 100kJ energy absorption capacities. Subsequent detailed verification of manufacturing, supply and assembly systems has permitted the award of the CE mark (quality standard) for the barrier systems.

Following a major impact event, the barrier is deformed plastically. The residual height of the barrier following impact is an important characteristic; the barrier may be exposed to a second rockfall impact in rapid succession before it has been repaired. All Maccaferri dynamic rockfall barriers exhibit residual heights within the highest category, Class A in accordance with ETAG 027.

Note that as CE Marking is dependent upon the factory producing the barrier please check with your local Maccaferri technical office for assistance as to whether the barriers available in your markets are CE marked.

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