Dramix® is our steel fibre reinforcement for concrete. It acts directly on the concrete matrix, improving its mechanical properties; ductility, structural strength, toughness and preventing cracking. Steel fibres enable the redistribution of tensile forces, increasing the flexibility of the concrete.

They are used in industrial flooring, precast tunnelling segments, shotcrete and whenever the performance of concrete needs to be enhanced.

Dramix® fibres are made from low carbon steel wires, they act as a three-dimensional reinforcement, restricting the propagation of cracks and increasing the post-cracking resistance of concrete. They act once cracks initiate, redistributing tension, bridging the cracks and controlling their width. The fibres are distributed in three-dimensions throughout the concrete, providing performance precisely where it is needed.

Dramix® fibres are profiled to provide optimal bond with the concrete matrix. They are available in a variety of steel strengths; regular, High Strength (HS) and Ultra-High Strength to suit the project needs.

Compared to traditional steel reinforcement, Dramix® SFRC can:
– Reduce weak points in the concrete slab, precast element or other
– Be quicker, safer and cheaper to install
– Replace traditional reinforcement
– Increase construction output

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