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Nationwide Business Meeting 2 in Tirana

Nationwide Business Meeting 2 - Maccaferri Balkans

Albanian Chamber of International Trade and Development (ACITAD) has organized in Tirana the Nationwide Business Meeting 2, attended by businesses from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Important international presence at the Nationwide Business Meeting 2, held in Tirana last October. 180 Businesses coming from these neighboring countries, and 200 businesses from Albania have held bilateral meetings with Albanian businesses in order to find new opportunities of cooperation between them.

Vice Prime Minister Niko Peleshi has expressed in his speech that the Albanian government is ready to join efforts with business for more regional collaboration, free trade exchanges and fair competition, in a more formal market. He pointed out that ” Nationwide Business Meeting 2″ is a meeting between many entrepreneurs from businesses in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia that want to build, produce, hire, invest and cooperate. Meanwhile, Minister of Youth and Social Welfare, Blendi Klosi, has stated that Albania still faces the challenge of changing the ratio between active and passive workers.

During the event, ACITAD awarded the following prizes to some of its members, outstanding as business representatives in Albania and abroad:

  • Price “Woman entrepreneurs” – Valbona Begolli – Albpastrim
  • Price “social responsibility” – Vullnet Haka – Everest IE
  • Price “Foreign investor” – Saimir Huta – Maccaferri Balkans
  • Honorary award as a representative of the Albanian business in Kosovo– Alajdin Fusha – ABI
  • Honorary award as a representative of the Albanian business in Macedonia – Menderes Kuçi – Arb-Komerc
  • Honorary award as a representative of the Albanian business in Montenegro – Nazif Cungu – Cungu & Co

At this link you will find some short moments from the event.

Attending this event, besides Vice Prime Minister in Albania, Niko Peleshi, and Minister of Youth and Social Welfare, Blendi Klosi, were also Vice Minister  of Economic development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Ervin Mete and Vice Mayors of Tirana, Isuf Shehu and Brunilda Paskali. The event was organized by ACITAD in partnership with Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Epoka University,, albanian news portal, and the company Albartex.

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