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Maccaferri Balkans holds technical lecture on “Geotechnical Innovative Solutions” at Polis University, Tirana


The knowledge sharing session focused on Maccaferri’s geotechnical solutions for hydraulic works, flooding and erosion

Polis University in Tirana invited Maccaferri Balkans to hold a technical training session for its Engineering students in December 2016. The topic that Maccaferri was asked to present was “New Technologies in Geotechnics” and their application in River Control Works as a solution for erosion control and flooding protection.

Riverbank erosion and flooding may cause damage to people, businesses and infrastructure and can have an impact at a social, economic as well as environmental level. Protection against these natural phenomena is important but very little is taught about the innovative solutions available in the Hydraulic Works field in both public and private universities. For this reason, Prof. Dr. Luljeta Bozo, from the Department of Architecture and Engineering at the private Polis University, arranged a training course on new technologies in Geotechnics to support their Engineering students. The University invited several representative companies operating in the geotechnical field, including Maccaferri Balkans who are considered a leader.

The lecture was attended by professors, engineers, and students of Polis University, but also by students of the Public Faculty of Civil Engineering interested in geotechnical products and their application in different environments.

The session started with a presentation of Maccaferri’s main products, with a focus on double twisted mesh, its various types and how it differs from traditional meshes used for hydraulic works: gabions, Reno Mattresses, Terramesh, Green Terramesh etc.

Topics that were discussed by Maccaferri Balkans included the engineering solutions that can be deployed to protect infrastructure against flooding and erosion, such as:

  • Channels
  • Longitudinal works
  • Transversal works
  • Energy dissipation
  • Protection from erosion, groynes
  • Protection of bridges and piers

In addition to the technical presentation of these solutions, a comparison was made with other materials such as concrete or thrown stones (RipRap). Each topic was supported with pictures from different project sites where Maccaferri’s products have been successfully deployed.

A recent example was the longitudinal river works project in the city of Librazhd, where Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses were successfully installed to protect the upstream slope of Rrapun’s dam from waves and erosion.

The lecture was followed by a lively Q&A session, during which both students and engineers showed their interest in Maccaferri’s products and solutions. We also received positive feedback from the professors, who expressed their satisfaction with the presentation.

For further information and maybe to set up a lecture at your university, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to hear from you.

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