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Helping Nature to aid itself through surface stabilization and soil reinforcement solutions

Albania - Soil stabilisation

An explanation for why we need to choose Maccaferri surface stabilization and soil reinforcement solutions.

We must begin to help nature to help itself!

We all know that concrete has the downside of contributing to global warming. If we consider the future of our world, we must sense an obligation to create a better future for our coming generations. We must not enter into the rhythm of inertia, but must act! Let’s do this all together!

Modern engineers are moving away from concrete, in favour of more sustainable solutions. Maccaferri’s solutions incorporate stones as a key part of the retaining walls, soil reinforcement structures,barriers that we provide. The stone can be customized to fit the habitat/environment that is installed into. If we are presented with two alternatives, why do we choose the one damages the environment most. Colleagues, please heighten your awareness.

The image above captures the beauty of natural stone solutions. The image evokes satisfaction in the re-use of natural materials, and a sense of calm compared to other solutions with a harder aesthetic.

On a technical note, nothing is missing in terms of structural stability of that wall. On the contrary; the stone fill works in sympathy with the mesh, and also helps to drain the back-fill. The water pressure is dissipated and the structure’s flexibility can adjust to settlement and seismic loads.

We have collected a range of possible applications in the following Maccaferri brochure.

The Maccaferri brochure delineates the functionality of gravitational retaining walls, reinforced soil wall & slopes, soil nailing, secured drapery & surface stabilization and barriers.

Let’s fight the global warming and lower our carbon footprint with these beautiful and powerful structures!

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