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The Debris Flow Barrier 200 DF for Lerini Stream

The Debris Flow Barrier 200 DF for Lerini Stream

The lake Komani protected by a Debris Flow Barrier 200 DF in Bajram Curri.

Lake Komani in Bajram Curri, Albania, was constantly threatened by debris flow from Lerini-Salca stream, growing this way the water level in the lake and giving the dam additional and artificial charges, also separating the lake in two parts. The strong water flows generated this way were creating difficulties for the ships which sail in the lake.

Lake Komani is located in the north of Albania and has following functions: hydropower plant, shipway to pass from Komani to Bajram Curri and best touristic place in the north of Albania.

After a fierce challenge against the competitor, Maccaferri Balkans won this project thanks to a mix of high performing technical solutions, cost effectiveness, designing and full supplying and technical support on the job site. The barriers installed are 3 Debris Flow Barrier 200 DF (200 KJ), one after the other 5 meters high, two of which are 20 m long, one 40 m long. The two 20m long DF barriers were fixed with 2 columns, the 40 m long one was installed with three columns, separating the length of the barrier in 4 pieces.

Each horizontal meter of the Mac Ring Net was reinforced with wire rope diameter 22 mm. Maccaferri Ring Nets have the highest strengths of any mesh in the Mac.RO Systems range. With high strain performance, Ring Nets are ideal for situations where there is a high risk of dynamic impacts. Maccaferri Ring Nets can accommodate these high local stresses without sustaining damage.

Debris flows are highly mobile flows of mixed material and are triggered by the rapid build-up of water within the slope, saturating the ground. Debris flows can travel at high speeds and contain huge volumes of material and consequently pose a high risk for the environment and the people.

Maccaferri DF Barriers are positioned within the anticipated path of the debris flow or shallow landslide, often in natural gullies, channels or chutes on the slope. The DF Barriers are customized to fit the dimensions of the project, the anticipated debris material and the expected volume of the flow. Upon impact with the debris flow, the DF Barrier progressively deforms due to compression release brake and the system absorbes energy. The hydrostatic pressure within the flow rapidly dissipates once the debris flow has been arrested, leaving the volume of debris within the barriers. Maccaferri DF Barriers offer strength and high performance without the aesthetic intrusion of other debris flow systems. This project Debris Flow Barrier 200 DF is a Trophy of The Year for Maccaferri, a market skill to further develop the business.

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