Enhanced through acquisition. Our tunnelling expertise has been enhanced through the recent acquisition of the European tunnelling specialist, ELAS Geotechnica.

The Bekaert-Maccaferri joint venture. Additionally, in October 2014, we entered into a global sales and distribution JV with Bekaert. The resulting joint venture, BekaertMaccaferri Underground Solutions will serve underground construction markets on a worldwide basis, except in mainland China and Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, where Bekaert and Maccaferri will continue to operate independently.

A solution for every stage. We offer solutions for all stages of the tunnelling process:
– Portal works and support systems
– Steel reinforcement and consolidation of the excavated face
– Waterproofing
– Primary lining and drainage
– Final lining

Fully supporting our clients. We can provide clients with specialist technical consultancy and support; project technical analysis, design, solution/product selection and (in some regions) installation.

Specialist solutions. Specialist tunnelling solutions include self-drilling bolts and steel anchors, fibreglass reinforcement bars and pipes, drainage tubes and ceramic final linings. Many are specifically designed to save construction costs and time. For example, the unique, patented B.ZeroTondo Tunnel Support System features tubular steel arches, filled with pumped concrete, offering significantly improved structural efficiency compared to traditional steel arch supports.


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