Maccaferri Balkans Hosts Successful Rockfall Protection Seminar in Albania

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15 November 2023

Maccaferri Balkans Hosts Successful Rockfall Protection Seminar in Albania

Tuesday, November 7th, Albania — In a pioneering initiative, Maccaferri Balkans organized its first-ever seminar on rockfall protection in Albania. The event, which aimed to familiarize professionals in the field, including design companies, construction firms, and engineers, with Maccaferri’s innovative solutions for rockfall protection, was met with great success.

The seminar, held at MakAlbania Hotel, featured expert speakers Fabien Gazado, Business Development Manager for Rockfall, and Luca Gobin, Corporate Rockfall Technical Specialist. The Managing Director of Maccaferri Balkans, Robert Masha, opened the event with a brief introduction to the company and its cutting-edge solutions in the field of rockfall protection.
The seminar covered four main topics, providing a comprehensive overview of Maccaferri’s expertise:

  • Drapery Systems: Attendees were introduced to both simple and anchored drapery systems, emphasizing their critical role in rockfall protection
  • Rockfall Barriers: Detailed data on the effectiveness and application of rockfall barriers were presented, showcasing their importance in safeguarding against potential hazards.
  • Hellomac Technology: The seminar delved into Maccaferri’s innovative Hellomac technology, explaining how it contributes to increased operational security in rockfall protection.
  • MacS Design Software: An overview of MacS Design software was provided, highlighting its significance as a powerful tool that simplifies the design and calculation processes for rockfall protection systems.

Throughout the presentations, attendees actively participated in Q&A sessions, providing an interactive platform for engagement. Maccaferri’s experts addressed queries, fostering meaningful discussions on the various aspects of rockfall protection solutions.
The seminar not only focused on rockfall protection but also provided a platform for Maccaferri’s engineers to engage with clients. Discussions extended beyond rockfall solutions, including the diverse range of applications and solutions that Maccaferri offers across different areas.
In summary, the event was a success, serving as an effective platform to showcase Maccaferri’s cutting-edge products, facilitate networking opportunities, and foster collaborative discussions between industry professionals. Maccaferri Balkans remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in rockfall protection and related fields.


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