Environmentally Friendly Erosion Control System that Rehabilitates the Vegetation in Beringin Sila Dam


The surrounding slopes around the project need to be protected from potential erosion. The slope which is mainly composed of fine-grained soil required protection from erosion caused by rain and surface runoff. The challenge we faced in this project was the crowds of monkeys eating the grown vegetation. We have come up with several efforts to maximize the vegetation growth to protect the slopes from erosion. However, there was a positive side of the problem, which enables us to prove that our solutions are environmentally friendly and capable of coexisting with nature.

Pit Crusher Wing Wall Construction with Paramesh


Two wing walls need to be constructed next to the concrete retaining wall crusher of Indexim Pit Crusher located in Kaliorang District. The total area of the wing wall facing is about 165 m2 with the total height range between 11, 9.5 and 7 meters. These walls will carry a load of a DT-40 vehicle or equivalent of a 10 kPa load. The solution we propose is Paramesh, which is a combination of the Terramesh® system as secondary reinforcement with ParaLink™ 300 as primary reinforcement to provide stability to the system

Paramesh Provides Access Road Stability in Kuningan Dam


As a dam in general, many excavated slopes are formed during the construction process. Unstable slopes need to be reinforced to avoid stability failure, one of them being the access road section. The combination of Terramesh® system with Geogrid by Maccaferri called Paramesh was chosen as the solution. The Paramesh structure is built with 10-13 meters of height. MacGrid™ WG as primary reinforcement has been installed and integrated with the Terramesh® system as secondary reinforcement or facia. MacDrain™ was added as a subdrain system inside the retaining wall structure to dissipate pore water pressure to prevent failure because of excess pore water pressure.

Gabion and Reno Mattress® as a Seawall at Kampung Nelayan, Kenjeran


Initially, the local government planned on using sheet piles or concrete structures to protect the coast from abrasion. However, the coastal area that needs protection is quite long thus a solution that is more affordable and still carries out its functions is needed. The Sea Wall by Maccaferri consisting of Gabion and Reno® Mattress is an alternative solution to protect the coast from abrasion and minimize the risk of structural failure caused by the tidal process. In the case of severe toe scouring due to the tidal process, the flexible structure of Reno mattress will accommodate the sea wall deformation.

Maccaferri’s Erosion Control Solution Keeps Otorita Batam Hospital Green


RSOB is located in a green environment, surrounded by lakes, trees, and has fresh air. In the construction of its facilities, RSOB also pays attention to the materials to be used. To protect the cut slopes caused by the construction of the facility from soil erosion, RSOB requested a natural and environmentally friendly solution instead of using shotcrete or stone walls to maintain a green environment at RSOB.

Maccaferri MSE Wall Supports the Road Connection of North Bali and South Bali


In addition to being winding, the current road has an incline with a slope of 10-25 degrees, so it often causes traffic jams. The construction of the shortcut aims to reduce the slope of the incline to around 6 degrees, reduce travel time, and reduce accident-prone points. The 30 meters height of an embankment is a great challenge to reinforce. An innovative solution is needed to overcome this challenge to create a safe and stabilized embankment for the new shortcut road.