Rockfall Protection by Maccaferri Provides Safety for Naringgul Road User


A rockfall hazard was discovered along Bts. Bandung/Cianjur – Naringgul – Cidaun Road due to weathered conditions of the rock slope that endangers the lives of the road users. Maccaferri Indonesia provided a rockfall barrier (RB 3000) to dissipate the energy of falling rocks of up to 3,000 kJ with 6 meters height and 25 meters total length.

Innovation of the Erosion Control System with Vegetation at Karalloe Dam


The construction process of the Karalloe Dam resulted in many cut slopes that were vulnerable to surface erosion. The total area that needed to be protected during this project in total is approximately 14.400 m2 and to meet the owner’s needs, Maccaferri presents an erosion control solution that can replace the shotcrete system.

Green and Reinforced Slope at Sampoerna Academy Sentul


Due to its hilly topography, the Sampoerna Academy Sentul sports field was built on flat land as a result of slope cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to have slope protection to protect the area from potential landslides and erosion. Apart from having the main purpose of protecting the facilities and the users, green areas can provide good environmental value to make the area blend with nature yet protected.

The use of Maccaferri Gabion and Mattress as an alternative for concrete structures in Ciawi Dam


As part of the dam construction, there was an existing river flow that needs to be diverted. The original design used heavy galvanizing as the coating of the wire mesh or concrete structure as the alternative. Maccaferri proposed the use of Gabions and Mattresses with PVC coating as a protection against river flow, abrasion, and UV exposure.