Ciawi Dam: Indonesia’s Latest Innovation for a Safer Jakarta!

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21 March 2024

Ciawi Dam: Indonesia’s Latest Innovation for a Safer Jakarta!

On December 23, 2022, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Ciawi Dam in Bogor, West Java, as a solution to Jakarta's floods. With its unique design that channels water, the dam reduces the flood risk by 30.6 percent. Despite facing erosion challenges, Maccaferri Indonesia provides a solution with the installation of MacMat® HS with Vegetation. The inauguration of the Ciawi Dam reaffirms Indonesia's commitment to addressing floods through technological innovation for sustainable infrastructure development.

In the midst of Jakarta’s long struggle against flooding, an infrastructure innovation was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on December 23 2022, giving new hope to the residents of the capital city. The Ciawi Dam, located in Bogor, West Java, is not just an ordinary construction project. With a giant capacity of 6 million cubic meters and a flood area of 39.40 hectares, this dam is a mainstay weapon in fighting floods in Jakarta.

Uniquely, Ciawi Dam is Indonesia’s first dry dam. Unlike conventional dam designs that rely on large water storage to form lakes, Ciawi Dam is designed to allow water to flow through, offering a smart solution in water resource management. This approach is expected to cut Jakarta’s flood risk by 30.6 percent, a figure that is not only significant but also vital for the safety and comfort of Jakarta’s residents.

Strategically positioned, receiving direct input from Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango, Ciawi Dam serves as the first line of defense before water flows to Katulampa Dam and continues its journey to the Ciliwung River. With the potential to reduce flood volumes by 111.75 cubic meters per second, this dam plays a crucial role in reducing the frequent floods that plague the capital’s residents.

However, the construction of Ciawi Dam is not without its challenges. One of them is the potential erosion on the cut hill slopes due to construction, a risk that could have serious consequences for the area below. Spillways, roads, and other facilities around these slopes are at significant risk. This situation triggers the need for swift and effective intervention to prevent further landslides. This challenge is addressed by an innovative solution from Maccaferri Indonesia, namely the installation of MacMat® HS with Vegetation.

This solution combines Geomat HDPE and double-twisted wire mesh panels with high-tensile strength steel cables. This system not only effectively controls erosion but also supports environmental recovery through vegetation growth. With the addition of mulch consisting of planting media, seedlings, and fertilizer, this system allows vegetation to grow and develop, providing a solution that is not only practical but also sustainable.

The advantages of this system include easy and fast installation, good drainage capability, vegetation rehabilitation, and compatibility with soil-nailing techniques for steeper slopes. This is tangible evidence of the application of technology that not only solves infrastructure problems but also supports environmental sustainability.

With the inauguration of Ciawi Dam, Indonesia demonstrates its commitment to addressing Jakarta’s flood issues through innovation and technology. This is not only a victory in water resource management but also a step forward in sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure development.

Maccaferri Indonesia provides comprehensive services, beginning with the design and planning stage, offering technical recommendations, manufacturing and supplying materials, and assisting during the construction phase with Product Assistance. Most of the materials from Maccaferri Indonesia are manufactured locally in Indonesia according to International and National Standardization and have TKDN certificates.

Our commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in the registration of our products in the Environmental Product Declaration, nurturing the world for future generations.

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