29 December 2022


The open channel at the Heaven Memorial Park Cemetery in the Jonggol area, West Java is prone to erosion and landslides. A proper solution is needed to protect open channels from further damage. The easy installation method and economical cost of Maccaferri’s was chosen as the most suitable solution.

The revetment structure from Maccaferri Indonesia was chosen as a solution to protect the open channel. Gabion, RenoTM Matress, and Terramesh® systems are used because of their ability to hold heap soil, these solutions or systems provide added value, such as flexibility, permeability, durability, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics. 

An Open Channel at Heaven Memorial Park Cemetery was susceptible to erosion and slides. The slope surface of the channel was unprotected, uncovered, and aesthetically unpleasant. An improvement was planned as part of the development of the cemetery area to protect the open channel from further damages. The selection of a proper solution as the revetment structure for the channel was decided to be Gabion Material, apart from its ability to withstand the backfill soil, the solution or system provides more added values, such as flexibility, permeability, durability, environmentally friendly, and aesthetics. Easy installation method and economic cost ensure the solution as the most suitable one. 

The Revetment Structure was constructed and completed using Gabion, RenoTM Matress, and Terramesh® System. These materials are mainly made of Double-Twisted Wire Mesh with stone as filling material. High Abrasion Resistance Polymeric Coating named PoliMac by Maccaferri was used as the most advanced protection to the wire for a better performance in hydraulic application. Available in various sizes, the materials are compatible even in irregular contours. 

The materials used are mechanically manufactured using machine and standardized in Indonesian Standard (Standar Nasional Indonesia SNI 03-3046-1992), International Standard (ASTM A975-11, BS 10223-3, etc), and Indonesian Public Works Ministry Specification (Spesifikasi Umum untuk Pekerjaan Konstruksi Jalan dan Jembatan – Directorat Jenderal Bina Marga Kementerian PUPR).  

Maccaferri Indonesia provides comprehensive services starting from the design and planning stage with technical recommendations, manufacture and supply materials, and construction stage with Product Assistance. Most of the materials from Maccaferri Indonesia are manufactured locally in Indonesia according to International and National Standardization and have TKDN certificates. 

We have registered our products in the Environmental Product Declaration as our commitment to nurture the world of tomorrow. 

We are happy to answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have. 

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