Drainage of Structures

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Drainage of Structures

The presence of water within soil of the ground adjacent to structures can cause numerous problems. Removing water from the soil with drainage systems is crucial, otherwise the ground could be weakened or could impose higher loads, altering the effectiveness of the structure. An adequate drainage system allows the ground to consolidate and perform better.

A properly designed drainage geocomposite can often replace the traditional gravel drains that are used behind retaining walls and other structures such as sheet pile and contiguous piled walls or the basement walls to buildings. Horizontal drainage is often required on sports pitches or other large areas exposed to the potential of high rainwater run-off.

Our design software supports our clients in the selection of the appropriate and more sustainable drainage system. Whether the drainage is vertical or horizontal, the range of MacDrain™ geocomposites are a cost-effective solution that also reduce the need for quarried materials and therefore polluting truck movements. In fact, our R&D campaign came to the conclusion that the use of MacDrain™ for horizontal drainage applications can lead to over 80% of material savings.

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