Slope Stabilization at Muara Laboh geothermal power project 

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29 November 2022

Slope Stabilization at Muara Laboh geothermal power project 

Slope stabilization and surface protection are needed to prevent landslides and slope erosion on the Wellpad E Muara Laboh Access Road. An effective solution is needed starting from the design, construction stage, and economics to prevent landslides and slope erosion in an area of 980 m2. 

Considering the relatively high slopes, Maccaferri Indonesia suggested combining several solutions to prevent the possibility of landslides and slope erosion from occurring. The combination of the Terramesh® system combined with Geogrid from Maccaferri called Paramesh and the Erosion control system with Macmat® HS was chosen as the solution.  

Landslide and slope erosion occurred on cut slopes at Wellpad E Muara Laboh Access Road. Modification of its natural drainage system due to road construction and rainwater infiltration to the soil was indicated as the cause of landslides in the area. Slope stabilization and surface protection were needed to prevent further problems along the Access Road. The owner expects that the solution should be effective for design, construction stages, and prices. The total area is approximately 980 m2, with 28 m2 length and 35 m height of the slope.  

To mitigate the slope surfaces and prevent the further possibility of landslides, several solutions are combined due to the height conditions of the slopes. At the bottom of the slopes, MSE Wall with Paramesh System was selected to support the cut slopes on top of the MSE Wall. Paramesh System consists of Terramesh® System as secondary reinforcement (facing), MacGrid WG15 (Geogrid) as primary reinforcement, and MacTex N as separator and filtration between backfill soils and stones. The upper slopes were covered by Erosion Control System with MacMat® HS and Vegetation. MacMat® HS works as preliminary material to protect the surface of cut slopes and is combined with vegetation as long-term mitigation of surface erosion. MacMat® HS was then combined with Soil Nailing to stabilize the slopes.  

Maccaferri Indonesia provides comprehensive services starting from the design and planning stage with technical recommendations, manufacture and supply materials, and construction stage with Product Assistance. Most of the materials from Maccaferri Indonesia are manufactured locally in Indonesia according to International and National Standardization and have TKDN certificates.  

We have registered our products in the Environmental Product Declaration as our commitment to nurture the world of tomorrow.  

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