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Industrial Manufacturing

Maccaferri offers a wide range of products for composite industrial solutions, helping each customer with innovative and professional proposals, providing also the possibility to have tailor-made products, with top-class quality and technological standard. Our offer of industrial applications include:

  • Resin flow media: polymeric solutions for resin infusion, resin transfer moulding (RTM) and vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding (VARTM).
  • Reinforcement media: solutions to add rigity, impede propagation of cracks and enhance mechanical properties of a polymeric matrix. Often used in foam extrusion process and polyurethane infusion resin (PIR), those solutions enable the combination of different products without using any specific adhesive.
  • Reinforcement for Grass Carpet: our solutions are designed to enable the establisment of grass roots and vegetation.
  • Sleeper Pads: engineered products to be palced beneath rail track sleepers in order to improve vibration isolation and track stability.

In addition, we can provide solutions for a number of other applications such as acoustic insulation, Ventilation Spacer and many others. Get in contact with us to discover more about our tailor-made solutions!

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