Overcoming Challenges on the South Ring Road of Gunungkidul: Slope Protection Innovation for Safety and Stability

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28 February 2024

Overcoming Challenges on the South Ring Road of Gunungkidul: Slope Protection Innovation for Safety and Stability

The South Ring Road in Gunungkidul is crucial for easing traffic congestion and supporting economic and tourism growth. Its construction on limestone slopes poses erosion and rockfall risks. Maccaferri Indonesia provides a solution with MacMat® HS with Vegetation, which is easy to install, improves drainage, restores vegetation, and enhances road user safety. This solution protects infrastructure and the environment, keeping the route safe and supporting economic growth in the region.

The South Ring Road in Gunungkidul is not just a road but a lifeline connecting communities from various regions. Stretching 80 km from Purwosari to Rongkop, this route is crucial in easing traffic congestion, especially during holiday seasons and Eid homecomings. More than just a road, it serves as a path to economic growth, welcoming tourists to explore the natural beauty of Gunungkidul.

However, the construction of the South Ring Road section from Tepus to Jeruk Wudel faces its challenges. Excavating limestone hills to build this road presents its own set of trials. Limestone slopes, combined with fine-grained soil and boulders, pose serious risks to road user safety. Without adequate protection, fine soil particles are prone to erosion, leading to rockfalls that endanger drivers.

In response to these challenges, Maccaferri Indonesia presents the best solution: MacMat® HS with Vegetation. This innovative solution involves a combination of HDPE Geomat and double-twisted steel wire with high tensile strength, known as MacMat® HS, strategically installed on cut slopes. With mulch materials consisting of planting media, seedlings, and fertilizer, this erosion control system not only protects slopes from erosion but also enables sustainable vegetation growth.

The benefits of Maccaferri’s erosion control system are remarkable:
1. Easy and Fast Installation: Reducing disruption to traffic and accelerating construction time.
2. Optimal Drainage: Ensuring the slope surface remains dry and stable.
3. Vegetation Rehabilitation: Beautifying the surrounding environment and enhancing soil quality.
4. Wide Compatibility: Can be combined with other technologies such as Soil Nailing for optimal results.
5. Flexibility for Various Conditions: Suitable for steep slopes and various geographical conditions.

By implementing this innovative solution, Maccaferri Indonesia not only protects vital road infrastructure but also ensures road user safety and preserves the surrounding environment. This step brings about tremendous positive impacts, ensuring that the South Ring Road in Gunungkidul remains a safe and comfortable link for the community while strengthening sustainable economic growth in the region.

Maccaferri Indonesia provides comprehensive services, beginning with the design and planning stage, offering technical recommendations, manufacturing and supplying materials, and assisting during the construction phase with Product Assistance. Most of the materials from Maccaferri Indonesia are manufactured locally in Indonesia according to International and National Standardization and have TKDN certificates.

Our commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in the registration of our products in the Environmental Product Declaration, nurturing the world for future generations.

We are readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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