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Rockfall Protection at the Makban Geothermal Power Plant

Rockfall protection

Easy-to-install and cost-effective: our MacRo system with SteelGrid MO and 3D erosion control mat wins over traditional solutions

Our MacRO rockfall protection system and erosion control mat were used to protect steam pipe lines within the Makban Geothermal Powerplant Facility.

Makban Geothermal Power Complex is located on the border between Laguna and Batangas provinces. It is the fourth biggest geothermal power facility in the world, with an output capacity of 458MW. Owned by a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power, the complex consists of six power plants. The geothermal site covers an area of 700ha and has been in operation since 1979.

Due to the site topography, steam pipe lines at the toe of a slope were found to be at high risk of damage from falling rocks and shale. The site engineering office approached us to assist in the design of suitable slope protection.

Our engineers conducted a site visit to determine the risk posed by the slope and identify a suitable, easy-to-install, cost-effective solution. The main cause for slope instability was found to be a lack of vegetation and strong winds constantly scouring the face. Furthermore, when the site was undergoing preparation and landscaping, an inadequate interceptor drainage canal had been installed leading to stormwater erosion during heavy rains and typhoons.

Fortunately, the slope was not high and did not have significant sized boulders. Our engineers proposed the use of our SteelGrid MO 150 geocomposite. SteelGrid MO 150 is particularly suitable as a reinforced drapery system for surface or soil veneer slope stability. High-tensile steel ropes are woven into the double twist steel wire mesh during manufacturing, reinforcing it. These 8mm longitudinal steel wire ropes (set 1.5 meters apart) transfer loads in the mesh to the top anchor rope more effectively than unreinforced meshes.

Furthermore, the weaving of the steel cable into the double-twist wire mesh increases strength and makes the anchoring of the system more effective. To further enhance the system, Enkamat 7018, a 3D erosion control geomat was installed to address soil erosion and promote vegetation on the slope.

The system proved to be simple and easy to install and provided cost savings over more traditional rip-rap or shotcrete solutions. Rolls were pre-cut at the factory prior to delivery to site and the flexibility of the material helped address variable slope geometry.

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