ZA HW Gabions and Reno Mat for hydraulic control structures

Protecting the land. Land is expensive. Therefore, owners often want to manage watercourses and reduce the erosion and other problems which uncontrolled water can cause. Soils from the hydraulic erosion process inevitably end up polluting watercourses leading to loss of ecology and habitat.

One hundred years of experience. Our experience in hydraulic works started in the 1890s and we now possess particular expertise in the protection and training of rivers and streams.

Traditional techniques. For demanding, high energy flows, Reno Mattresses and gabions have always been the main component of any river works structure such as weirs, groynes, sills and energy dissipation basins. These installations demand robust long lasting, low-risk, reliable solutions.

Our cutting-edge solutions. With the development of geosynthetics we have expanded our capability to select a solution most appropriate to the erosion risk. Our hydraulic works design software applications, MacRA 1 and 2, enable us to design efficient interventions from low-flow, low energy requirements to large river or estuarial projects.

Intervention appropriate to risk. With our specialist knowledge and comprehensive product range, we offer clients a graded, logical range of hydraulic erosion protection techniques from soil bio-engineering and low energy solutions through to robust high-energy capacity revetments. Wherever your erosion problem exists, the level of intervention should be appropriate to the erosion risk you face.

Our extensive expertise. Our core knowledge enables us to address hydraulic problems almost wherever they occur; scour around bridge piers, erosion on the crest of a dam, or river groynes within an estuary to influence the location of a channel.

Think of waterproofing and think of us. We are now also synonymous with waterproofing works and the company has implemented many projects over recent years such as reservoirs, mine stilling basins, canals, attenuation ponds, mountain reserves for ski resorts and fire protection purposes, as well as for golf courses and agriculture. We have a wide range of waterproofing membranes to satisfy most technical and commercial requirements.



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