Empowering Coastal Resilience: Seawall Mactubes in Culasi, Iloilo

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20 December 2023

Empowering Coastal Resilience: Seawall Mactubes in Culasi, Iloilo

Discover resilience in action with the Seawall Mactubes project in Culasi, Iloilo. This innovative initiative fortifies the shoreline against storms, utilizing local materials for efficient construction and sustainable protection.

In April 2022, the Municipality of Ajuy faced the devastating impact of Tropical Storm Megi, known locally as “Agaton,” as it made landfall on the eastern coasts of Visayas, Philippines. The storm’s fierce waves breached existing coastal defenses, causing widespread flooding and leaving communities vulnerable to the forces of nature. In response to this crisis, authorities have initiated the Culasi Seawall Mactubes project, an innovative and efficient solution designed to protect the coastal areas of Panay Island.


Situated on the eastern shores of Panay Island, Northern Iloilo, the Municipality of Ajuy lacked adequate coastal protection measures, leaving it exposed to the destructive power of tropical storms. The aftermath of Megi resulted in billions of pesos in damages and casualties, prompting the urgent need for robust mitigation strategies. Coastal settlements found themselves susceptible to flooding, with water levels exceeding 6 feet due to storm surges breaching existing defenses.


To address the vulnerability of the coastal communities and expedite protection efforts, plans are now underway for the construction of a state-of-the-art seawall known as the Culasi Seawall Mactubes. This ambitious project aims to erect a 4-meter-high seawall covering a length of 475 meters along the shoreline. The structure will be composed of structural concrete, featuring hand-laid embankments made of boulders and a core and toe protection system utilizing sand-filled geotextile tubes.


The use of geotextile tubes offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for the utilization of locally available materials such as sand as fillers, facilitating a more straightforward installation process and expediting project completion. This innovative approach not only enhances the efficiency of construction but also ensures that the project remains cost-effective.


Additionally, the project designers have incorporated geotextiles into the adjacent coastal road, further fortifying the region against future storms. This strategic integration not only enhances the seawall’s performance but also extends its service life. The Culasi Seawall Mactubes project is a holistic approach to coastal protection, addressing not only immediate threats but also considering long-term resilience.


The Culasi Seawall Mactubes project stands as a beacon of hope for the Municipality of Ajuy, signaling a proactive response to the challenges posed by tropical storms. By combining structural innovation with locally sourced materials, this initiative showcases a model for efficient and sustainable coastal protection. As construction progresses, the Culasi Seawall Mactubes project is poised to become a symbol of resilience and community strength, safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of those living on the eastern shores of Panay Island.


Date of Construction: May 2022 – July 2023