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06 June 2022

Dynamic Rockfall Barrier in Teresa, Rizal

Maccaferri Philippines provided technical assistance to a cement manufacturing company facing a 120-ton boulder threat. They designed and constructed a dynamic rockfall barrier in accordance with UNI 11211-4 standards. The boulder was fragmented, reducing its size to 22.22 m3 and 60 tons. The RMC850A Barrier was determined to be sufficient to handle the energy of the fragmented boulder. Construction began in April 2021 and was completed in June 2021. For more information, please contact us.

A cement manufacturing company faced a 120 – ton boulder threatening to destroy three of their main structures in the event of rockfall. The boulder’s volume is estimated to be 44.44 m3 with a unit weight of 2,700 kg/m3 reaching a rock mass of 120 tons. The slope length where the boulder is located is 28 meters in length and the slope composition is made up of silty sand.

Maccaferri Philippines provided technical and design assistance in the construction of the dynamic rockfall barrier. The rockfall barrier was designed in accordance with UNI 11211- 4:2012 “Rockfall protection works – Part 4: Definitive and executive design.” Prior to the installation of the rockfall barrier, area clearing is done along the slope.

The boulder was broken up into smaller pieces, resulting in a smaller size boulder with a volume of 22.22 m3 and a rock mass of 60 tons. Based on the analysis and calculations, it was determined that the RMC850A Barrier will be sufficient to arrest the energy of the fragmented boulder. Maccaferri dynamic rockfall barrier has a MEL Rated Capacity of 8,644 kJ. Applying the Risk Amplification Factor and the Barrier Capacity Reduction Factor, a barrier design capacity of 6,548.48 kJ is obtained.

The construction started in April 2021 and completed it in June 2021.

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