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Antwerp’s Oosterweel: a sustainable mobility
In February 2018, the city of Antwerp launched a major infrastructure project to develop the Oosterweel Link, in order to make it the best mobility solution for citizens. Maccaferri was involved in the project development, offering the city its proven technical experience and an innovative solution portfolio.Read
Carmen, Agusan del Norte, Active Rockfall Protection System 
The municipality of Carmen in Mindanao is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty. Maccaferri’s Active Rockfall Protection System ensures safety by mitigating soil erosion and falling boulders. Completed in February 2021, the project involved collaboration with local contractors and consultants.Read
Dynamic Rockfall Barrier in Lagonoy-Presentacion Road, Camarines Sur
The DPWH Regional Office 5 in Camarines Sur, Philippines, aims to address safety concerns on the Lagonoy – Presentacion Road by implementing Maccaferri Dynamic Rockfall barriers. These barriers are designed to capture falling boulders and protect the road infrastructure and passers-by from rockfall incidents. The proposal for using Maccaferri RB1500 barriers was approved and awarded to ALRO Constructions. Maccaferri Philippines provided design and technical assistance throughout the project, including barrier installation and maintenance guidance. The dynamic barriers are known for their durability and low maintenance costs.Read
Dynamic Rockfall Barrier in Teresa, Rizal
Maccaferri Philippines provided technical assistance to a cement manufacturing company facing a 120-ton boulder threat. They designed and constructed a dynamic rockfall barrier in accordance with UNI 11211-4 standards. The boulder was fragmented, reducing its size to 22.22 m3 and 60 tons. The RMC850A Barrier was determined to be sufficient to handle the energy of the fragmented boulder. Construction began in April 2021 and was completed in June 2021. For more information, please contact us.Read
Enhancing Road Safety with Maccaferri’s Rockfall Protection System in Tacloban City
Discover the success story of Tacloban’s road transformation with Maccaferri’s innovative rockfall protection system. Witness how collaborative efforts and cutting-edge engineering are creating safer, more reliable access for commuters. A testament to progress, resilience, and a brighter future for Tacloban City.Read
Ensuring Reliable Power Supply: Rockfall Protection System in Pangasinan
The partnership between NGCP and Maccaferri to implement the Rockfall Protection System in Pangasinan exemplifies a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing the integrity of critical infrastructure. By ensuring the continuous and reliable transmission of electricity, this project not only safeguards the transmission infrastructure but also contributes to the economic growth and development of the region. It’s a testament to the commitment of both organizations to the well-being and prosperity of the communities they serve.Read
High Performance and Economical Basal Reinforcement in Calero, Cebu City
To improve the bearing capacity and reduce the differential settlement, the geotechnical engineer proposed a geogrid-reinforced foundation pad consisting of multiple layers of cross-laid MacGrid WG sandwiched within a compacted structural backfill. Maccaferri was engaged to provide design and technical assistance in this undertaking. Read
Innovative Solutions for Riverbank Protection in Agno River, Pangasinan
Preserving the fragile riverbanks along the Agno River in Pangasinan, Philippines, is an absolute necessity to combat the relentless erosion caused by degradation and natural forces. Maccaferri’s cutting-edge solutions – Gabions, Mattresses, and geotextiles – are engineered with precision to efficiently safeguard the riverbanks and coastlines.Read
Interview with Stefano Rignanese
We had a chat with Stefano Rignanese, former trainee in Maccaferri’s “Young Engineer” programme.Read
Let’s have a chat with Mirco Pedrazzi
We interviewed Mirco Pedrazzi, a young Corporate Controller who joined us a few months ago and is already involved in a key project for the Group’s growth.Read
Let’s have a talk with Francesco Lipartiti
From India to Belgium, from Finance division to HR, a career across four continents. We have talked to Francesco Lipartiti, current Chief Operating Officer for the ISEAP region.Read
Let’s have a talk with Vikramjiet Roy
We have talked to Vikramjiet Roy, one of India’s “Top 25 leaders in times of crisis working in medium-sized companies”, a ranking promoted by Great Place to Work that also rewarded leaders from companies such as HP, Randstad and S&P Global.Read
Maccaferri blends with art: Chambéry project
A complex engineering project related to a motorway interchange carried out by Maccaferri in France has been decorated with a painting of a natural landscapeRead
Maccaferri Philippines Marks 20 Years in the industry!
Happy 20th anniversary Maccaferri Philippines and happy 10th anniversary Maccaferri Philippines Manufacturing Inc. Mabuhay Maccaferri Philippines! Read
Maccaferri Philippines participates at the 69th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference
Maccaferri Philippines, a leading name in innovative engineering solutions, successfully participated in the recently concluded 69th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference held at the CAP John Hay Trade and Cultural Center last November 14 to 17. Read
Maitum, Sarangani, Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
Maccaferri MSE Wall designed to withstand extreme loads and address the issue of earth retention that has been occurring in the area.Read
Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes: A Sustainable Solution for Earth Retaining Structures
Discover the potential of MSE (Mechanically-Stabilized Earth) walls and RSS (Reinforced Soil Slopes) as they revolutionize the field of construction. With their superior load-bearing capacity, resistance to seismic forces, and streamlined construction process, MSE walls and RSS slopes offer efficient and stable solutions for a variety of projects.Read
Protecting Lives and Infrastructure: Peñablanca-Callao Road Rockfall Protection System
The Rockfall Protection System implemented in the Penablanca-Callao Road, Cagayan not only ensured the safety and reliability of the national road system but also provided crucial protection to the neighboring communities and infrastructure.Read
Safe and Effective Hydraulic Spillway Structure in Zamboanga del Sur
Maccaferri improves mine efficiency and safety while also promoting sustainability. Our experience in water control hydraulic structures, erosion protection, and re-vegetation has also been useful for the rehabilitation of the local environment at the end of the life of the mine, facilitating the return of the in-situ materials to nature and driving down the carbon footprint. Read

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