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Preserving Coastal Ecosystems: Silt Fence in Catbalogan City, Samar

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26 December 2023

Preserving Coastal Ecosystems: Silt Fence in Catbalogan City, Samar

Discover resilience in action with the Seawall Mactubes project in Culasi, Iloilo. This innovative initiative fortifies the shoreline against storms, utilizing local materials for efficient construction and sustainable protection.

In the pursuit of sustainable urban development, the installation of a Floating Turbidity Barrier, Maccaferri MacFence (silt curtains) at Catbalogan City, Samar, becomes a beacon of environmental responsibility. Partnering with Maccaferri, the project aimed to address concerns raised by the Department of Environmental & Natural Resources – Environmental Management Bureau Region VIII (DENR-EMB – Region VIII) regarding the spread of silt due to ongoing land reclamation.


Challenges Faced:


The ambitious land reclamation efforts by the Local Government for future city development posed a threat to the marine environment. The dispersion of silt along the coast prompted DENR-EMB to seek a solution. In collaboration with Maccaferri, the objective was to safeguard the region’s marine ecology while fostering socio-economic growth.


Maccaferri’s Innovative Solution:


The primary solution proposed by Maccaferri involved the installation of a versatile and efficient Silt Fence or Turbidity Barrier. Tailored to the specific needs of the Catbalogan City project, Maccaferri’s solution serves as a protective shield, acting as a filtration system to arrest the spread of colloidal silt suspended in seawater. This barrier, strategically positioned, ensures that the silt is contained several meters away from the reclaimed area’s termination point.


Maccaferri’s cutting-edge Silt Fence or Turbidity Barrier not only mitigates immediate environmental concerns but sets a benchmark for future projects. This innovative solution demonstrates that progress can harmonize with ecological preservation, marking a significant stride towards a balanced and sustainable future.


  • Contractor: EZJones Construction, Inc.
  • Designer/Consultant: DENR-EMB Region VIII
  • Start of Project: December 2, 2023
  • End of Project: December 20, 2023