Longitudinal Protection

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Longitudinal Protection


Longitudinal protection structures are hydraulic structures with their length parallel to the river flow. These structures are often built on, or supporting, existing natural banks and they typically extend for a considerable distance.

Riverbank protection solutions must be sufficiently robust and well-designed to counteract erosive forces generated by flow current and transported sediments.

Abrasion load due to materials carried by the flow is among the most critical forces exerted on riverbanks or on the toe of the banks. For this reason, we developed PoliMac, an exclusive polymer coating for double twist wire products to withstand mechanical loads and chemical attacks that impact river structures.  

Our systems for riverbank protection are studied and optimized to find a balance between the demands of our societies and environmental equilibrium. In this regard, our solutions are designed to create ideal conditions for the natural re-vegetation of the bank; moreover, recent studies demonstrates that our nature-inclusive systems offer a natural habitat for living species, enhancing biodiversity through the protection of the benthos.

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