Practical and Effective Erosion Control Protection in Ambuklao Dam, Benguet

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06 June 2021

Practical and Effective Erosion Control Protection in Ambuklao Dam, Benguet

An eco-sustainable and effective natural Erosion Control Protection in the upstream slope and tailrace of Ambuklao Dam in Benguet

Maccaferri’s Erosion Control Protection System was used for protection against rainfall washouts, high speed scour, hydrostatic uplift and other potential hazards in the Ambuklao Dam.

Ambuklao Hydroelectric Plant is located in the mountains of Bokod, Benguet, and is about 36 kilometers northeast of Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. Ambuklao HP was designed to provide 75 MW of energy to the Luzon power grid.

SN Aboitiz Power Benguet, Inc. took over the operation of the power plant and began major rehabilitation and upgrade of the facility. The upstream slope of the dam that suffered a major erosion problem since 1999 when the power plant stopped its operation requires practical and effective erosion protection that can last for the intended design life of the structure. While the downstream part of the dam or the tailrace where impound water enters the Agno River must be able to resist turbulent waters and be heavy enough to prevent hydrostatic uplift.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the site conditions and site challenges, Maccaferri Philippines designed a rigid and effective erosion protection system for the upstream and downstream slope of the dam. MacFormer, a grout mattress constructed with high strength woven geotextile, was installed to the submerged portion of the upstream slope face to provide protection against rainfall washouts, high speed scour and compensate for the uneven settlement of the underlying soil. Galfan-coated gabions underlain with MacTex nonwoven geotextile was used for the portions above normal dam water level.

A layer of MacTex nonwoven geotextile was placed between the MacFormer mattress and the core of the tailrace for separation, filtration, and additional erosion protection. In addition, vegetation can be cultivated within the open areas, allowing an ecological and environmental friendly scenario.

McConnell Dowell Philippines, Inc., the contractor, commenced and completed this project in 2010.

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