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Philippines’ Bicol region is the most-affected by soil erosion

Soil erosion - PH

Erosion sites have already been mapped, but much still needs to be done in order to help people adapting to the geologic effects of climate change

Every year, the advent of the rainy season poses a big threat to the Philippines. Dozens of cities are under severe menaces as floods, landslides and soil erosion can dramatically hurt transport infrastructures and industrial sites.

The peninsula of Bicol is the most hit, but many other municipalities are endangered as well. Disaster management procedures need to be set up in order to react timely. This being said, prevention plays an even bigger role since proper preparation of erosion sites can avoid major expenses and damages, avoiding evacuation of communities to safer grounds and internal displacement.

Bicol features long coastlines, volcanoes, mountains and major rivers. This is why it is naturally prone to geological hazards with coastal areas affected by erosion.
Hazard areas have already been mapped, but much still needs to be done in order to help people adapting to the effects of climate change. Once again, prevention is the key.

Erosion control measures need to be put into place and local governments can play a role making best use of advice available on the market, which has to be provided by reliable experts. Too frequently, indeed, contractors are not sufficiently skilled or miss the necessary experience in order to advise authorities.

Maccaferri is a recognized leader in the erosion control market, worldwide. Based in the Philippines and with subsidiaries all over the world, we provide public and private stakeholders with specific and internationally valued know-how, products and solutions aimed at coping with soil/coastline erosion. For an example of our expertise, read this case history about the Hamilo Coast erosion protection project.

Maccaferri is far more than just a civil engineering firm: we bundle our civil engineering stuff with tailored software in order to design long lasting, sustainable and budget-friendly infrastructural projects.

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