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Road Mesh TM efficiently bonds pavement layers together to successfully reinforce asphalt

Asphalt Reinforcement

Maccaferri Italy exemplifies the efficiency of its Road Mesh TM product by showcasing a past asphalt reinforcement project on the Raccordo highway, Italy.

Asphalt Reinforcement works often require immediate refurbishment and stabilization. As highways are exposed to natural geological challenges. Used daily by many vehicles, roads become the pivotal transportation system for a myriad of people. In light of this, Maccaferri’s products and solutions are designed to allow for a speedy, secure and user-friendly installation. Notably, Maccaferri’s Road Mesh TM product line features among the most commonly used roadwork stabilization products, designed to bind old and new pavement together.

One project—concluded in 2013—on the Raccordo highway that connects Siena and Florence together aptly exemplifies how Road Mesh TM can be used for road reinforcement.

The existing pavement showed rutting, fatigue and settlement cracking, typical for a peat going through a continuous wetting and drying cycle. The aim of the project was to extend the pavement life and repair fatigue cracking which had developed within the existing pavement construction using pavement resurfacing. The current road surface was designed to receive the reinforcing steel. Loose areas of scarification were repaired before the installation of the Road Mesh TM. This provisional step was taken to ensure proper bonding between the existing and new pavement.

Road Mesh TM is made from hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Every 160mm, a transverse steel bar is woven within the mesh, thus locking it into position.

Research has proven that the incorporation of Road Mesh TM can enhance the working life of the whole pavement.

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