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The Newhurst Energy from Waste Facility is located in the  former Newhurst Quarry near Shepshed in Leicestershire   and has been under construction since June 2020, with the   build due to be completed in 2023. Once operational the   facility will provide a vital outlet for the sustainable   treatment of up to 350,000 tonnes of residual waste per   year and will generate up to 42 megawatts of low-carbon   energy 鈥 enough to power around 80,000 homes. 

A large sprinkler system was installed as part of the   incinerator fire protection system. An attenuation pond was   required on-site to collect the water released in the event of   a fire whilst also providing attenuation for the wider project   drainage system. 

Owing to the sandy ground conditions it was proposed to   line the new attenuation pond with a geosynthetic clay liner.  


Maccaferri proposed the use of its Macline GCL W20 to  impermeably line the attenuation pond and this was   accepted by client Hitachi Zosen Inova in April 2021. 

Macline GCL W20 is a reinforced geosynthetic clay liner   designed for landfill and pond lining applications. It consists   of a layer of natural granular bentonite sandwiched between   a woven and non-woven geotextile. When hydrated, the   bentonite forms a thin clay layer to maintain very low   permeability without the need to import large quantities of   puddle clay and therefore offers a much more sustainable   solution with a greatly reduced carbon footprint. 

Concrete headwalls can easily be accommodated by   applying layers of Macline GCL W20 around the headwall   and sealing with bentonite granules also provided with the   liner. Macline GCL W20 is self-sealing in the event of a   puncture and has excellent slope stability and climatic   resistance together with a high chemical resistance making   it suitable for use in a wide range of ground conditions.  

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