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Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh deployed in A73 widening scheme in Erlangen, Germany

Green terramesh_road widening

Our Mechanically Stabilized Earth structure was chosen for its environmental friendly look

Maccaferri provided a reinforced soil structure within the A73 road-widening scheme, for a 280m section of the Northern carriageway in Erlangen, Germany. The solution installed is an approx. 5m high Green Terramesh with a 70° angled front face. This structure was chosen for its environmentally friendly look, as it facilitates natural vegetation to grow on its visible surface.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and the Bavarian Motorway Authority decided a road-widening scheme on the A73 Suhl-Nuremberg motorway, involving a 280m section of the North carriageway in Erlangen.

Our local partner BECO Bermüller involved Maccaferri in the project to provide a reinforced soil structure to protect the new slope.

Maccaferri proposed a Mechanically Stabilized Earth structure made by 1,040 modular units of Green Terramesh 70°.

Green Terramesh consists of pre-fabricated units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type) lined with an erosion control blanket and stiffened with a welded mesh panel. Two pre-formed steel braces are supplied to be connected at the job site to maintain the unit to the required slope angle.

Green Terramesh was chosen because the angled front face and the erosion control blanket are designed to facilitate the establishment of natural vegetation on the visible surface. This means that the structure is totally environmental friendly and well-integrated in the landscape.

However, during construction the soil appeared too sandy and of a bad quality. Therefore, the contractor decided to fill the front with stones to protect the slope against erosion due to rainwater-flow.

The structure was composed by 7 steps of 0,76m each, for a total height of 5,32m.

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