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2024 World Tunnel Congress
Maccaferri is Platinum Sponsor of 2024 World Tunnel Congress, the world’s top tunnel and underground engineering industry congress, that will be held in Shenzhen (China), from 19 to 25 April.Read
A conversation with Gianluca Dell’Acqua
Gianluca Dell’Acqua, the first to introduce BIM for linear infrastructures at academic level in Italy, is professor of Roads, Railways and Airports of the Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples.Read
Antwerp’s Oosterweel: a sustainable mobility
In February 2018, the city of Antwerp launched a major infrastructure project to develop the Oosterweel Link, in order to make it the best mobility solution for citizens. Maccaferri was involved in the project development, offering the city its proven technical experience and an innovative solution portfolio.Read
Bridging education and work: the experience of Maccaferri Latin America
A sound business is rooted in the management’s ability to invest in the growth of human resources and work alongside universities to provide the tools for tomorrow’s employees.Read
GeoAmericas 2024 – 5th Pan-American Conference on Geosynthetics
Maccaferri is Platinum Sponsor of GeoAmericas 2024, the event that connects civil engineering professionals in the field of geosynthetics, that will be held in Toronto (Canada) from 28 April to 1 MayRead
Integrating smart alert systems into rockfall protection works: the Verbania project
Over the summer of 2022, Maccaferri was involved in a comprehensive rockfall protection intervention alongside the western shore of Lake Maggiore, where modern smart sensor technologies were integrated to ensure local community’s safety.Read
Interview with Stefano Rignanese
We had a chat with Stefano Rignanese, former trainee in Maccaferri’s “Young Engineer” programme.Read
Let’s have a chat with Maurizio Avagnale
Maurizio Avagnale, Group Chief HR Officer of Maccaferri, envisions a future of HR driven by technology, inclusion, and a strong focus on employee well-being.Read
Let’s have a chat with Mirco Pedrazzi
We interviewed Mirco Pedrazzi, a young Corporate Controller who joined us a few months ago and is already involved in a key project for the Group’s growth.Read
Let’s have a talk with Francesco Lipartiti
From India to Belgium, from Finance division to HR, a career across four continents. We have talked to Francesco Lipartiti, current Chief Operating Officer for the ISEAP region.Read
Let’s have a talk with Vikramjiet Roy
We have talked to Vikramjiet Roy, one of India’s “Top 25 leaders in times of crisis working in medium-sized companies”, a ranking promoted by Great Place to Work that also rewarded leaders from companies such as HP, Randstad and S&P Global.Read
Maccaferri blends with art: Chambéry project
A complex engineering project related to a motorway interchange carried out by Maccaferri in France has been decorated with a painting of a natural landscapeRead
Maccaferri protagonist at GeoAfrica 2023
The 4th African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics – GeoAfrica 2023, to be held in Cairo, Egypt from 20 to 23 February, 2023.Read
MacSport installed at Stadium A. Pinto in Caserta
Our 2in1 revolutionary geocomposite MacSport combines drainage-enhancing action with shock absorption functions.Read
Novo Pinheiros: River and environment conditions recovery
Maccaferri, through its Brazilian subsidiary, is playing a major role in the significant redevelopment project of one of the most important rivers in SĂŁo Paulo, which has long been threatened by human activity and unfavorable environmental conditions.Read
Ocean Farm 1
Maccaferri is a key contributor for the improvement works of the world’s largest single fish farming installation.Read
Officine Maccaferri bets on IoT and acquires Nesa
Officine Maccaferri will be able to complement its product portfolio with Nesa’s cutting-edge technologies developed in remote intelligent sensor sector.Read
Maccaferri at Rocscience International Conference 2023!Read
Sustainability bites
Maccaferri’s commitment to build resilient and sustainable infrastructure and foster innovationRead
The Dar Es Salaam-Morogoro railway project: Maccaferri plays a leading role in Tanzania’s infrastructure development
The first step in building a major railway infrastructure in Tanzania, designed to bridge the country with neighboring areas toward the global market, has been completed. Maccaferri was a significant contributor to the project, providing cutting-edge solutions for soil erosion control.Read

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