Keeping military, citizens and assets safe at home and abroad. Traditional and new systems used in innovative ways

Our expertise in gabions, soil reinforcement and natural hazard protection enables us to help clients protect what is important to them; military personnel, citizens or critical assets.

Flexible strength. Using our expertise in gabion mesh, we have developed a high quality cellular containment structure, Defencell® MAC, to provide force protection against a range of ordnance, explosive and vehicle attack.

Available in a range of sizes, Defencell® MAC can be rapidly deployed and filled on site with available fill material to provide a protective barrier. The units can be stacked to form taller structures, as needed, to protect bases, personnel, vehicles, and other infrastructure. The units are also used in civilian settings to protect buildings, infrastructure, and other locations at risk from attack.

Reinforcement. Additionally, Maccaferri geogrid reinforcement and geotextiles improve the performance of soft ground, stabilizing soils to enable the passage of heavy military vehicles.

Vehicle intrusion protection. Launched in April 2017, MacSafe®, is a new hostile vehicle incursion prevention system developed by Maccaferri in response to a need to upgrade security in public places. Consisting of high tensile steel cable fencing with integral energy absorption dissipaters the system offers high performance with low visual impact.

The Art of Defence: Maccaferri experience with defence and security systems started during the WWI when the company engineered rapid deployment defensive barriers for troop protection. Today Maccaferri offers a wide range of solutions to protect people, critical assets and infrastructure.


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