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Tunneling projects present numerous engineering challenges, requiring a high degree of interaction with the surrounding soil. Maccaferri addresses these complexities with a full portfolio of innovative solutions for all stages of tunnel construction:

Primary lining with automated tunnel ribs and fiber reinforced shotcrete

– Excavation face consolidation and reinforcement with GFRP solutions

– Waterproofing, protection, and drainage

Final lining

Our approach focuses on enhancing safety and streamlining construction processes, reducing both costs and timelines. We are committed to innovation, addressing the evolving needs of underground excavation, and developing solutions that effectively meet challenges and raise safety standards in the industry.

For those seeking expert guidance, Maccaferri offers technical consultancy, project analysis, design assistance, and solution or product selection, along with installation support in certain regions. Our goal is to empower your tunneling projects with our comprehensive expertise and innovative approaches.