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Local and federal authorities, seeking to solve the increasing problem of disposal of waste materials, can consider re-opening abandoned landfill waste areas; referred to as Piggybacking. This can reduce the environmental impact resulting from the construction of new facilities. Such a technique enables the technical redevelopment of the site into a safe and reliable facility for the storage of new waste materials.

The challenges of piggybacking

Clearly, this requires care, knowledge and specific solutions because the existing landfill capping or barrier systems are built upon areas that have non-homogeneous geotechnical characteristics; i.e. waste. These are subject to considerable differential settlements and are also characterised by considerable environmental hazards including chemical and organic pollutants. 

Addressing specific needs with Maccaferri range of products. Our soil reinforcement structures and experience in these types of applications are important. With MacGrid® and Para-product® geogrids with strengths from 20kN/m to 1600 kN/m, MacDrain® drainage geocomposites, MacLine® impermeable membranes and MacTex® geotextiles, we combine products in unique ways to address the specific geotechnical and hydraulic needs of these challenging projects.