Retaining walls and soil reinforcement are at the heart of what we do

Every week, hundreds of Maccaferri solutions are implemented, whether they are a small retaining walls in a housing development, or a massive reinforced soil structure on a major highway. We provide cost-effective, value engineered scalable solutions to infrastructure, commercial and housing developers, and any client who has an earth retention problem!

A range of solutions. Maccaferri technical approach is that one system cannot solve all problems. Accordingly, we offer a range of engineered solutions and can select those most appropriate to the clients’ specific project needs. This expertise has been built up over 100 years of solving retaining structure problems.

Up-to-date solutions and tools. We develop solutions and use design tools in accordance with the latest generation of technical standards and design approaches. Consequently, we design, manufacture and supply high quality durable materials which enhance the service life of the works, reduce environmental impact and provide client reassurance.

Clients have options specific to their requirements. Clients can select from a range of mass-gravity retaining structures and reinforced soil structures to suit different site conditions, performance and aesthetic requirements.

Geogrid reinforcements bring strength and potential savings

Geogrid soil reinforcement, used in conjunction with the soil, enables that soil to perform better than it would in its unreinforced state, accommodating greater loads or standing at steeper angles. Our wide range of geogrid reinforcements maximises the opportunity to reuse site-won materials as backfill to the reinforced slope; a prime target for us because it saves on the export and import of materials from site, embracing sustainability and reducing polluting truck movements; and are really effective in base stabilization. Cost savings through the reuse of site won material with geogrids can be substantial on a project.

Extreme loads and mega-structures. Maccaferri high-strength geogrids also give us the capability to support extreme loads, such as those experienced in mine tip and crusher walls, where a loaded mine truck can weigh over 300t. High loads are also encountered in ‘mega-structures’ such as the 74m high Terramesh and Paralink reinforced soil wall, supporting an airport runway in North Eastern India; one of the tallest such walls in the world.

Concept and design with value in mind. Our expertise in construction services also means that we consider the ease of construction throughout the concept and design phases; it is no good providing a great solution, if it is more expensive to build!

Continuous innovation. Innovation in new products is a continuous process; we recently introduced a new, more environmentally friendly polymer coating for our steel wire mesh products, which also offers a longer design life!


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