Aquaculture Nets / Cages
According to FAO, aquatic food production is forecast to increase and provide a growing population with healthy and nutritious foods. Many communitView
Basal Reinforcement
Whenever construction is carried out upon soft or unstable ground, there is the possibility of settlement: this can include geological effects causView
Coastal Protection, Marine Structures & Pipeline Protection
The forces and exposure conditions associated with coastal interventions requires the careful selection of solutions and clear advice on the expectView
Concrete Flooring, Precast & Other uses
Concrete is amongst the most common construction materials used by man, and steel fibres have been used to reinforce concrete for over 100 years. TView
Drainage of Structures
The presence of water within soil of the ground adjacent to structures can cause numerous problems. Removing water from the soil with drainage systView
Environment, Dewatering & Landfills
Worldwide, the disposal of waste materials is an increasing problem. A landfill is a living organism, bringing constantly new engineering chalView
Erosion Control
Soil is a precious source of biodiversity, fundamental in storing and releasing carbon and maintaining the balance of gasses in the air we breathe.View
Fencing & Wire
Fencing has always been part of our history. In fact, it was wrought iron fences and gates which gave birth to the Maccaferri company over 500 yearView
Hydraulic Works
Watercourse management preserves ecosystems as well as human activities from the severe issues that uncontrolled water can cause.View
Industrial Manufacturing
Maccaferri offers a wide range of products for composite industrial solutions, helping each customer with innovative and professional proposals, prView
Landscape & Architecture
Landscape architects and other professionals working with the built environment often work on structures that demand a high-quality construction fiView
Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement
Since ancient times, mankind has built structures to retain soil and restrain it to an angle steeper than the one it would naturally keep. We oftenView
Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers
Rockfall protection and snow avalanche mitigation systems are key elements in the security and safety of infrastructure, mine works, buildings or pView
Safety & Noise Barriers
As today’s societies urbanise, people and infrastructure are forced closer together. Providing access to secure public spaces, preserving assets frView
Soil Stabilisation & Pavements
Whether you are constructing a railway track-bed, gravel forestry track over soft soil, or resurfacing a multi-lane highway carrying many thousandsView
The design and construction phases of a tunneling projects involves numerous engineering challenges. Maccaferri offers a full portfolio of solutionView

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