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Sarmac Mattresses for submarine pipeline protection in major italian harbor

sarmac mattress

Italian water company “Mediterranea delle Acque” chose our products once again for protection of subsea pipeline works in Genoa’s docks.

In 2015 Maccaferri provided a series of SARMAC mattresses for the conclusion of similar works in Recco, Liguria.

Thanks to the quality of its products and services, Maccaferri was selected again by Mediterranea. Starting in the upcoming spring, Maccaferri will provide a hundred SARMAC mattresses for the reorganization of pipes within a sewage plant in the docks of Genoa.

Recognized as the preferred product for anchoring and protecting pipelines and underwater cables, the SARMAC mattresses are made from an outer casing, filled with stone material and asphalt cement or a bituminous conglomerate, and are suitably armed through the use of double-twisted wire mesh created by Officine Maccaferri, already profitably used also for rockfall protection.

In the upgrade project for the Recco purifier, where the supply of SARMAC took place in two separate tranches back in 2013 and 2015, 60 “T-line” mattresses were used in the first phase to protect 4 pipelines for sewage transportation. In 2015, 20 T-line mattresses were instead posed in the diffuser, the terminal part of the pipeline.

This year, therefore, satisfied by the results obtained at the treatment plant in Recco, Mediterranea opted for SARMAC once again. In this case, one hundred mattresses for the securing of a discharge pipeline in the port of Genoa will be required. Works will involve Drafinsub, a company a with thirty years long experience in marine and underwater works.

Initiated in 2009 and projected to be completed by the end of 2018, the works for the purifier, located in the Old Port of the city, are meant to provide protection of plastered steel pipes with cement mortar, for a total of 2,750 meters of length and a maximum depth of 33 meters, where Sarmac Mattresses will be placed. Besides the difficulties related to maritime traffic, rather intense in the docks area, the completion of the work entails some challenges.

To learn more about applications and solutions that can be realized with SARMAC mattresses and other Maccaferri’s products for coastal protection and subsea pipelines – but also other sea works –  including ACBM concrete mattresses, contact us anytime.

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