Dynamic Barriers

Maccaferri Rockfall Barriers (or Catch Fences) are designed to arrest / catch falling rocks and boulders before they fall onto infrastructure, mine haul-roads or other developments.

The Rockfall Barriers are supplied in a ‘kit form’. All components (except ground anchors) are provided in the kit, including panel mesh, anchor posts, footing plates, brakes, cables, and clips.

Debris Flow Barriers

Maccaferri Debris Flow Barriers Series of debris flow barriers have been developed to contain soil/water flows (debris flows) or shallow landslides on slopes, channels and chutes.

Attenuator / Hybrid Barriers

Based heavily on our dynamic rockfall barriers, our Hybrid and Attenuator Systems combine the energy absorption capabilities of a dynamic rockfall barrier with the reduced-maintenance advantages of drapery mesh. Rather than being secured to a lower support cable, the fence mesh is longer and drapes down the slope.


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