Geomembrane – MacLine® is a  very low permeability bituminous membrane liner or barrier.

It is sheet with thickness ranging between 3.0 and 6.0 mm and width varying between 1 and 4 m, produced by working a molten mix (consisting of bitumen, plastomeric and/or elastomeric polymers and mineral fillers) and featured by extremely small permeability coefficients.

MacLine® Rough / Textured

MacLine® RMH & RDH  is an high density geomembrane with one or both surface roughened sand paper like. Geomembranes Macline RDH (both faces roughened) and RMH (only one face roughened) have similar properties to the standard smooth products.

MacLine® GCL

Macline® GCL is a geocomposite consisting of a layer of bentonite encapsulated between two geotextile non-woven needle punched geotextiles

MacLine® Smooth

MacLine® SDH is ah high density polyethylene geomembrane having smooth surfaces on both sides.

MacLine® W

The geomembranes MacLine® W consist of a woven geotextile of high density polyethylene filaments laminated on both surfaces with a polyethylene film. The resulting material is very light yet extremely mechanically resistan


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