“Para” products have been manufactured since the 70’s, so Maccaferri has a deep knowledge of them based on a large amount of experimental data. In particular, very few geosynthetics have been tested for creep for such a long time, allowing to reduce the safety factor for creep.

Para-products are strips or strip bonded geogrids with high tenacity polyester core encased in a polyethylene sheath.

All  the gamma of Geogrid – “Para” Products are certificated by the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

The “Para” products gamma includes the followings:


ParaDrain® is a strip bonded draining geogrids with high tenacity polyester core, combining reinforcement and drainage functions in one product.


ParaGrid® geogrids are unique planar structures consisting of a biaxial array of composite geosynthetic strips.


ParaLink® is an ultra strong reinforcement geogrid for civil engineering applications which is manufactured from ParaWeb®. It is a stronger version of ParaGrid.


ParaWeb® consists of discrete bundles of closely packed high strength synthetic fibres, lying parallel to each other, encased in a tough and durable polymeric sheath. This parallel fibre structure and tough polymeric sheath ensures a combination of outstanding properties


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