Cava De’Tirreni: an abandoned dump turned into a small green lung in the heart of Metelliana Valley


In 2018, a significant environmental recovery and securing plan began for the former municipal landfill of Cava de’ Tirreni, abandoned for more than twenty years and now fully reintegrated into the surrounding landscape. Maccaferri significantly contributed to this important environmental requalification project. Just a few kilometres away from the Amalfi Coast – a tourist destination… Read more »

Dubai’s Museum of the Future: a glance into innovation

Dubai, UAE, 23 November 2021: Museum of the Future Dubai and The Emirates Towers Hotel in the morning or sunrise. Dubai Skyline a view from Sheikh Zayed Road.

Discover how Maccaferri contributed to this visionary structure, designed through a complex algorithm and defined as one of the most innovative buildings in the world, that aims to host technologies, projects and discussions bound to shape humanity’s future. With the aim of supporting UAE’s mission to boost global innovation, in 2015, PM Mohammed bin Rashid… Read more »

A conversation with Gianluca Dell’Acqua


Gianluca Dell’Acqua, the first to introduce BIM for linear infrastructures at academic level in Italy, is professor of Roads, Railways and Airports of the Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples. Can you describe what BIM is and in which fields can it be used? BIM is an… Read more »