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Ivory Coast’s Oil and Gas Pipelines are Protected by our ACBM and SARMAC Bituminous Mattresses


Our deep-water pipeline protection solutions were installed at Foxtrot International’s Marlin platform in the Guinea Gulf

100 Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM), 14 Sarmac bituminous mattresses and 2,500 MacBags protect the deep-water pipelines exporting oil & gas from Foxtrot International’s Marlin Platform to the shore of Ivory Coast.

Foxtrot International was developing the Marlin reservoir utilizing a new fixed platform for the supply of crude oil and natural gas at its “Marlin 2” site in the Guinea Gulf, 18 km from the Jacqueville shore of the Ivory Coast. The production from the new Marlin platform would be exported to shore through two new pipelines with diameters of 6” and 14”. The new platform would also be connected to the existing Foxtrot A platform through two new infield transmission pipelines of the same diameter.

Before the pipelines were installed, SARMAC bituminous mattresses were laid at the crossing points with existing pipelines. Sarmac bituminous mattresses cushion and protect the pipes from damaging one another at the crossing points. They consist of a structural skeleton of steel wire cages engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. The mattress is lined with a geotextile and then filled with a mix of asphalt mastic and gravels to provide flexibility and density. It enables the mattress to ballast and protect pipelines from movement or impact from falling objects.

Once the pipeline had been installed, Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM) were placed 60 meters from platform base. ACBMs offer a high degree of flexibility in both longitudinal and transverse direction. The design of the mattresses takes into account the interaction forces exerted by the mattress on the pipelines, water depths, geomorphological and environmental conditions. Mattresses are suitable for the entire life of the pipeline (up to 30 years), and there would not be any significant deterioration or loss of their original properties.

Both concrete and bituminous mattresses ensure pipeline protection against impact up to 20 kJ involving a 500 mm impacting object and up to 5 kJ involving a 100mm impacting object.

Thanks to our patented formwork system, we manufactured the mattresses used for this project in the Micoperi plant in Ortona, Italy, and they were shipped from there to the Ivory Coast.

For this project we supplied:

  • N. 100 ACBM, dimensions 6.32×2.26×0.20 m
  • N. 14 SARMAC, dimensions 6.00×2.35×0.20 m
  • N. 2,500 MacBags, dimensions 0.70×0.40 m

Both our ACBM and SARMAC units received a Bureau Veritas certification.

For more information, please download our Case History.

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