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Maccaferri intervenes in a reclamation project, drainage and waterproofing of a former landfill site in Southern Italy.

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The complex reclamation of a former landfill in Southern Italy was made possible thanks to the use of geosynthetics and gabions provided by Maccaferri.

The municipal landfill in Cariti, located in the Province of Salerno, Italy, has been active until 1988. It has been the subject of a complex reclamation operation within the context of European projects. The works provided capping of the landfill and were completed in December 2015.

The site, with an area of about 15.000 square meters, has undergone several interventions: terracing, water conveyance works were in fact necessary.

The wells were also constructed for bio-gas extraction. The terracing have been developed through the use of 700 cubic meters of Galfan (Zn / al) galvanised gabions, as required by the Guidelines of the Superior Council for Public Works.

The capping has been achieved through the use of MacLine SDH 200, MacGrid WG 3 and MacDrain W1041; the latter product was both for drainage and bio-gas uptake.

These actions will lead to environmental restoration through soilwashing processes (a soil washing system that allows the recovery of non-contaminated material) and planting of species such as “hyperaccumulators”.

This type of plants purifies the surrounding lands in a natural way. Maccaferri has long been committed to developing new and efficient solutions for the protection and restoration of the environment.

For more detailed technical information, download our case histories present on our website only in Italian version.

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